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IemLab srl is able to accompany the customer from the Vision to the realization of the final product in the High Tech world.

The approach he will use is to understand the idea, enter the business domain and work together with the customer to map the rules 

Explore the complexity of the project (idea, expectations, technological constraints, priorities, roadmaps and milestones). Our team therefore generates hypotheses and converges on the most effective solutions, validated by discussions with the customer, possible users and the development team. 


The supply of IT platforms, which include PCs, notebooks, servers, integrated systems, monitors and digital signage, represents a fundamental step towards the efficiency and modernization of companies. These technologies are real keys to a world of opportunities, allowing you to better manage operations, optimize productivity and improve the customer experience. Through a wide range of cutting-edge devices, it is possible to create a dynamic and connected work environment, where collaboration and innovation find their maximum expression. Freelancers and home users, on the other hand, can enjoy powerful and versatile tools that cater to every digital need. In summary, the provision of these computing platforms represents a never-ending journey into an increasingly technological future, where the magic of books unites with the power of technology to create a lasting impact on the mind and heart of every individual.

The provision of training courses on the use of IT platforms represents an essential service for the public and private market. In an era where technology is rapidly evolving, it is essential to acquire the necessary skills to exploit the full potential of these platforms. The training courses offer a valuable opportunity to learn the basics and advanced concepts, providing users with the skills necessary to use the available IT platforms effectively and efficiently. Whether it’s PCs, notebooks, servers or embedded systems, course participants will learn how to use these technologies in a safe and optimized way. In addition to this, the training courses also aim to provide an overview of monitors and digital signage, allowing participants to fully exploit the visual communication potential offered by these solutions. In both the public and private sectors, access to quality training courses represents a strategic investment to improve digital skills and ensure greater operational efficiency.

Home automation solutions offer an innovative way to transform homes into intelligent, efficient and comfortable spaces. Thanks to these advanced technologies, it is possible to automate and control various aspects of the domestic environment, making daily life more comfortable, safe and energy efficient. Home automation solutions include a wide range of devices and systems, such as sensors, security cameras, smart thermostats, automated lighting systems, smart electrical outlets and much more. These devices can be controlled and monitored through a mobile application or an intuitive user interface, allowing users to manage lighting, temperature, security and home appliances with ease. Furthermore, home automation also offers the possibility of integrating devices with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing for even more intuitive and practical control. Home automation solutions are constantly evolving and always offer new features to improve the user experience. Whether it’s to make your home safer, save energy or simply add comfort and convenience to everyday life, home automation is a smart choice for creating a cutting-edge, modern living environment.

Automotive solutions represent an ever-expanding field that integrates advanced technologies to improve safety, efficiency and the driving experience. These solutions include a wide range of innovations, such as driver assistance systems, vehicle connectivity, electric vehicles, advanced infotainment systems and much more.

Driver assistance systems offer features such as adaptive cruise control, obstacle detection, lane departure warning and automatic parking, increasing road safety and reducing the risk of accidents.

Vehicle connectivity allows vehicles to be interconnected with the outside world, enabling GPS navigation, access to emergency services, streaming music playback and integration with mobile devices.

The adoption of electric vehicles, powered by batteries, represents a sustainable solution to reduce the environmental impact of the automotive industry, promoting cleaner mobility and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Advanced infotainment systems offer a variety of features such as touchscreens, Bluetooth connection, voice control and smartphone integration, allowing the car’s occupants to access information, entertainment and communication intuitively and safely.

Furthermore, automotive solutions are also advancing towards the adoption of autonomous technologies, which allow vehicles to drive autonomously, further improving safety and offering greater convenience.

Collectively, automotive solutions aim to make vehicles smarter, safer, more efficient and more integrated with their surroundings, transforming the driving experience and opening up new opportunities for future mobility.

Video surveillance and access control systems are fundamental solutions for guaranteeing the safety and security of buildings, public areas and companies. These systems integrate advanced technologies to monitor and record suspicious activity, control access to certain areas and provide an effective deterrent against illegal acts.

Video surveillance systems include security cameras strategically placed to cover different areas, such as entrances, corridors, parking lots and perimeters. These cameras record continuously or in response to specific events, providing broad visual coverage of their surroundings. Captured images can be viewed in real-time or archived for further forensic analysis.

Similarly, access control systems allow you to regulate access to specific buildings or areas. Through the use of devices such as card readers, fingerprint readers or PIN codes, it is possible to restrict entry only to authorized persons. These systems can be configured to track logins, providing useful information on attendance and human resource management.

Furthermore, video surveillance and access control systems can be integrated with each other, allowing for centralized and synchronized management of information. For example, an access control system can be linked to security cameras so that when unauthorized access is detected, a video recording of the event is automatically triggered.

These systems help prevent and address theft, vandalism, break-ins and other unwanted behavior, providing a safer environment for people and assets. Furthermore, the presence of video surveillance and access control systems can also deter potential criminals or non-compliant behavior.

Overall, video surveillance and access control systems represent a crucial component for general security, offering constant monitoring and efficient control of access to sensitive areas.

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The Iemlab srl proposal covers everything that concerns the world of Information & Communication Technology: from Notebooks to the innovative latest-generation Mobile solutions such as Tablets and Smartphones; from classic Desktop PCs to Workstations, from PC components (Cabinets, Motherboards, Processors, Memories, VGA, Hard Disks, Optical Drives, etc.) to a vast choice of Servers, Storage, Monitors and TVs; from Printers, in all their different types and with relative consumables, to Software (Microsoft Operating Systems and applications, Antivirus, backup, backup, etc.). From classic Desktop PCs to Workstations, from PC components (Cabinets, Mother Boards, Processors, Memories, VGA, Hard Disks, Optical Drives, etc.) to a huge choice of Servers, Storage, Monitors and TVs; from Printers, in all their different types and with the relevant consumables, to Software (Microsoft Operating Systems and applications, Antivirus, backups, etc.); from Networking products, structured cabling, to a huge choice of Accessories, Peripherals and Digital Devices.

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